Name says all


Haha i even laught at first...

Why this continue?

2017-02-03 12:01:27 by LesNic

Ok, i'll tell you this...

Mostly everyday, i enter to see the new audio from unscouted so i can see if there are any good artist out there without attention and this is all i find

-Copyrighted music-

-Non approved remixes of copyrighted music-

-"GD" Cuts of copyrighted songs-

-Maybe if i have luck, a good legit artist-

Here i'll leave you some links of these songs shouldn't be here in New Grounds

*Avicii - The Nights ( i better not say why... )

*AFK x Anna Yvette – Clouds ( he isn't the artist )

*Deaf Kev Invincible ( duh, isn't artist )

*WOOGI1411 Level Song ( hm... i've searched for "woogi1411" and seems like he is a gd player, but the problem is that there are a lot of copyrighted or not allowed to upload songs in that song that looks like a remix of a lot of songs )

*Airborne Robots Flip (this song is just a song by F-777 but, reversed, isn't his own track by the way )

*fingerquak ( A remix/autotune of a song called "Fingerbang" )



If there's any way to stop this, or if i can do something else than the normal report, i would...

I'm very tired of these kind of people, i wan't more of the new unscouted artists that just began with music than with these stolers right there...

I've readed all the drama that GD players got here, but, remove it from stores wont stop, even they can still playing... as they have already the game, what i think and most of people do, is disconnect the contract between Geometry dash and new grounds, or, do other critical stuff to pervent these people upload stolen music...

This will be a problem that new grounds will maybe have forever....





Should i continue with music?

2017-01-29 00:18:58 by LesNic

It have passed a year or two ago when i started uploading music here, but i've taken a long break, due as i'm 17 and i have.. kinda problems with life, i'm a bit busy, but when i'm free i don't really know if follow with...


Please, tell me what you think <3

SoundCloud Available !

2016-03-01 20:36:57 by LesNic

I just created a SoundCloud!

Btw i don't know how to upload music :v

My Facebook !

2016-02-29 00:44:04 by LesNic

I just created my facebook, it's my "Private Profile" But well i'll gonna share for more contact c:

Add me as friend 7u7



My Album !

2016-02-28 21:54:05 by LesNic

Yes !! I Just Published my new Album "I'm LesNic" here's the link for the preview of it



It's 1,99 Dolars or 1,99 ARS Well The ARS In Dolars should be 0,25 xD







2016-02-27 10:01:19 by LesNic

Skype = les.nic1

WebPage = Coming Soon... sneaky sneaky 8)

hotmail =

facebook =

I don't use the facebook well but k :v

Twitter = I'm not sure if create one...



( i recommend that for contact you do with skype because it's 50% faster that i reply you )




Cool News #1

2016-02-12 15:32:40 by LesNic




Subscribe now for see thw songs coming soon ! ( i will upload the previews there )


PD: In aFuture i maybe create a twitter

My Skype : les.nic1   ( there wasn't another name 7u7 )